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Akido Buidling in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Won awards for ICF construction and low environmental impact.

6 story all ICF condo an IntegraSpec GulfSouth Project, includes 27,000 square feet for 5 floors and 10,000 square feet on the 6th floor

Comfort Suites wanted energy efficiency and sound proofing. Completed by PowerSmart team
technologies it was below budget and delivered ahead of the deadlines.



Constellation Energy is a leading Electric Utility Company in Maryland, they choose ICFs for energy efficiency, think they know something we should know?

North Beach Boys and Girls Club, North Beach,  Maryland

Comfort Suites Motel, Tifton, Georgia

Grand Caribbean, Orange Beach, Alabama

Akido  Building, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Constellation Energy, Prince Frederick, Maryland

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