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GNP specializes in Insulated Concrete Form construction and we encourage the implementation and  the use of high performance and renewable energy sources.

             The single most important component of any structure whether it is a home or a high-rise office building is the building envelope. Our company specializes in delivering to you the finest the construction industry has to offer. There is just no other building envelope that delivers the “Sustainable” R-values of an ICF wall.

             It is for this reason that we decided long ago to specialize in ICF Construction. We have installed most of the popular ICF wall systems that are currently on the market. Nothing is faster than ICFs and nothing can even come close to their advantages and benefits.

             Combining high performance and renewable energy sources with ICF construction is extremely practical and effective. The higher efficiencies obtained by Geothermal, Solar Thermal and PV-Solar is a function of the walls and roof. Real dollar savings are realized immediately and payback periods are significantly reduced.

             No other company realizes how important this relationship is than us and we strive to assist the architect, developer and owner in understanding these very basic principles of ICF construction.

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